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A few decades ago, marbles were a toy to collect and a game to indulge in. you might have only seen the kids who used to play marbles in the movies. However, marbles are not merely the original mini collectible, they are very game for kids to play and so much portable to take to a friend’s house or to their grandparent’s house for an evening of old-fashioned play.

The more marbles you have the longer you play with them. While playing with marbles, you also required a shooter marble for every other player. You can easily identify a shooter marble because it is normally larger than the other marbles in a set of marble. To make the game harder, use a longer string for a larger circle. A smaller string would result in an easier, faster game of marbles. As children started getting better at marbles, arrange them in fun patterns, i.e. zig-zags and circles at the beginning of the game. While gaming with marble kids can learn a lot like it is a game of geometry, this game leads to many math skills. This game also encourages the kids to think strategically and put fine motor skills to work when they flick their shooter with just enough inertia to knock the competitors out of the ring.

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